Laminate Flooring

The surface of a plank of laminate flooring is actually an image. It is printed on a thin layer and covered with a layer to protect it from wear.


Laminate flooring is an extremely versatile flooring product that looks like hardwood. It is made from several materials, such as wood fiber, resin or kraft paper, and is pressure-compacted and laminated to give it strength.

  • Very Durable – Laminate flooring is resistant to spills, stains and heavy traffic.
  • Authentic Appearance – Laminate flooring looks like hardwood and offers a variety of finishes, colors and grains.
  • Easy to Install – Laminate flooring is a floating floor system, so it is not attached to the subfloor. It requires a simple locking system.
  • Easy Maintenance – A damp dust mop and an occasional approved cleaner are all you’ll need to keep your laminate floors looking terrific.

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